Creating a Bespoke Solution

At Lime, we specialise in creating bespoke recycling solutions for environmental waste management for businesses, offices and organisations across the UK, ensuring your waste is managed in the most environmentally responsible manner.


Recycling and Waste Management

At Lime we have the experience to handle a wide variety of wastes.  Each material is assessed and the most appropriate waste disposal route taken.

Trusted Service, Expert Support

Employing a team of experts in the environmental management field, supported by an account management team, means that Lime offers a comprehensive and experienced service.


National Recycling Award Winners 2010

A partnership, led by Lime, has won a National Recycling Award for 2010, for a closed loop recycling project with a major London law firm

Welcome to Lime - Sustainable Recycling Solutions

Lime offers total waste management services for businesses across the UK, ensuring the utmost environmental responsibility on your behalf. We provide office recycling services for the safe management and waste disposal of a wide range of materials including:

As a national waste management service provider with a variety of clients, we are able to offer a range of cost effective waste disposal routes and always look for the most environmentally responsible solution available for that material.

Visit our partner PHS Datashred for information on IT recycling, or contact us to find out more about our environmental management services and security products on: 

0800 027 3333